An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
Leading Manufacturers and Exporters of Machinery for Agro & Food Industries
"It is not the name of the company, which matters. It is the team behind the company, that matters"

Goldin (India) Engineering Co. was established in 1971 by Mr. L.D. Patel, graduate of 1961 in Mech. Engg. to manufacture machinery for agro industries after having experience in the field of design and development of industrial equipment & plants.

After visiting Europe & U.S.A. in 1984 and seeing new technology of cleaning processes of grains & seeds, he revisited U.S.A. in 1986 and arranged Technical Collaboration of Goldin (India) Engg. Co. with U.S.A. Company- Forsbergs International Corporation, to manufacture full range of separation machinery.

He founded in 1991 Goldin (India) Equip. Co. Pvt. Ltd and worked as Chairman & Managing Director of thetill 2007.

Again during his visit of Germany & U. K. in 2003, he visited manufacturers of machinery and Operational processing plants to study development of Post Harvest processing machinery for fruits & vegetables. Glob-Tech Engineering Co. founded by him in 1995, under took manufacturing of Grading & Sorting Machinery for Potatoes & Onions.

Global Agritech Engineers was founded in 2003 to centralize marketing of machinery for Agricultural and Horticultural industries-Indigenous as well as imported machinery.

Now full technical know how and experience of Mr.L.D.Patel is fully available to Goldin(India)Engg.Co and Glob-Tech Engg.Co
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