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Salient Features:

  • It is designed to be installed directly before many cleaning machines which require pre-cleaning of the incoming product before finish cleaning.
  • It is high capacity pre cleaner to scalp oversize impurities from grains, seeds, etc.
  • Its functions includes scalping, re scalping and aspiration in a single machine to provide a high capacity method for removing roughage, light fines and chaff and jute bag threads in a single pass.
  • Incoming grain passes through a rotating wire mesh/perforated scalping drum which eliminates roughage and other oversize materials, and re scalping drum reclaims good material from the over, and high capacity aspiration system that removes the light materials.
  • Feeding is controlled with controlled lever on feed hopper.
  • Optionally — feed roller can be provided with variable speed drive for precise control of feed.

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